Surf the Waves

Surfing at Sunset - My favourite Surf Beach
Surf Beaches. Surfers. Life in the Surf. Surfers Living Life. A sub-culture that encompasses the surfing world thrives at the beaches that are blessed with perfect waves.

Surf Beaches

Loris Spitatem

Surf the Perfect Wave - My Favourite Beach

Surfing is a fraternity, a unique club where all members have a common goal; to ride the waves. Surfers come from all age groups, all cultures and all backgrounds to enjoy their sport, to challenge themselves, and be a part of beach life. Many surfers are happy to go it alone. 

They hunt out secluded locations, their favourite beach, and surf in solitude; whilst others are attracted to the camaraderie of busy surf beaches, and all of the extra curricular activities that are available on terra firma. Like all Beach Lovers, surfers have their favourite spots, their favourite beaches. Some like to keep them as little known as possible. Where is yours?


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