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Discover your very own Souvenirs at your Favourite Beach. Get your feet moving and do the Sand Dollar Shuffle. Read on to learn more.

Vacationing on the beach is always something to look forward to, but do you ever tire of shelling out money for expensive souvenirs? Do you periodically experience memento induced frustration, especially when the search for one means compromising time spent sunbathing on the beaches of the Atlantic? Pacific? Caribbean?

Good news – you can stop compromising and start enjoying your ultimate souvenir search again! It turns out that there is an entertaining way to spend time in the ocean and find authentic and free souvenirs at the same time. This method is called the Sand Dollar Shuffle!

Sand Dollar at the Beach - My Favourite Beach

For all of those brave beach-goers who are not afraid to enter the ocean barefooted, simply wade out during low tide. The great thing about the shuffle, is that you do not need to go out very far in order to do it; once the water hits right above your knees, you will be ready to start your search. Walk around and shuffle your feet on top of the sand; not only will you be on your way to an exciting souvenir, but your feet will become exfoliated as well. 

When you feel a rough, rounded bump under your foot, you will know you have located a sand dollar. Carefully reach down to grab it, and voila! Do you have a big family? A lot of friends? Bring a bucket with you so you can find sand dollars for everyone! Most importantly, do not become frustrated if you are having trouble locating your initial sand dollar – the first one always takes the longest to find!

Admittedly, one drawback to collecting sand dollars is their less-than-pleasant aroma. While they do not smell like roses, it is nothing that cannot easily be fixed. Allow your sand dollars to spend a day drying outside in the sun, and then immerse them in a bucket of bleach until they have turned from brown to white. 

Relax with your Sand Dollar Booty

Some people may enjoy the traditional, white sand dollars, but others find it amusing to decorate them with paint once they have been bleached. Customizing your sand dollars could be a fun activity to try out by yourself, or with friends and family!

Search for the Perfect Sand Dollar - Favourite Beach

Sand dollars make great souvenirs; what could be a better way to remember your trip to the beach, than to take home an object found in the ocean? Try showing them off to everyone you know – they will be amazed that you managed to find them whole, instead of in pieces. Some people may not believe that you did not purchase them at an expensive beach shop, even though you will have the memories and mementos of the Sand Dollar Shuffle to prove it!


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