Quick Guide: Best Beaches in the Bahamas

Swimming Pigs - Bahamas

Check out this quick guide to the best beaches in the Bahamas. From fun in the sun to tranquil walks, you will find something to please both the adventure seeker and the sunbather alike. Be sure to visit one of these amazing beaches on your next trip to the Bahamas.

Pensacola Has It All

Enjoy Pensacola - My Favourite Beach

Pensacola Beach has everything visitors want from a Florida vacation. With the ability to choose simple vacation rentals or relax in resorts, visitors can enjoy Pensacola on any budget.

Notes from the Strand – Beachcombing

Starfish and Driftwood - My Favourite Beach

He did some research and announced “What you have is the remains of a parasytic fig. Probable from the Amazon Basin.” Parasytic Figs, apparently, gain the height they need in a tropical forest by climbing a tall tree and enjoying the sunlight above the forest canopy.

Notes from the Strand – Dolphins

Rescuing a Dolphin

The strand isn’t an obvious menace to its flora and fauna but even though it is relatively clean and pollution free it still throws up challenges and people respond well to the occasional crisis.

Surf the Waves

Surfing at Sunset - My favourite Surf Beach

Surf Beaches. Surfers. Life in the Surf. Surfers Living Life. A sub-culture that encompasses the surfing world thrives at the beaches that are blessed with perfect waves.